Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing AC or installing air conditioning in your property for the first time, there are various factors you will need to consider before making your selection. With a wide range of models, sizes and price points available, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices.

Follow our tips below to narrow down your selection and make an informed decision as to what is most suitable for you!


Do I want Split System or Ducted?


There are two main types of air-conditioning systems: split system and ducted. Many Australian households opt for split systems as these are the most cost-effective, while ducted air-conditioning is popular due to its central control capability and aesthetic appeal.

Split systems are a great option to cool specific rooms in a property and can be supplied and installed for as little as $999.

Ducted air conditioning will allow consistent cooling throughout your entire home – you won’t have to turn air conditioning units on and off as you leave or enter each room! Ducted air conditioning is definitely a larger investment – with a good quality large system costing around $10,000 (depending on the zoning requirements).


What size do I need?

Most customers will choose split system as their air conditioning choice. With this in mind, an obvious but important aspect of choosing a split system conditioning system is the size of the space you are looking to heat/cool.

In Australia, air conditioners display an energy rating in Kilowatts (kW)and a star system that measures the efficiency of the unit. The less kW’s, the less power required to operate the system, so the space you are looking to air condition is directly related to the kW size. A simple calculation is to work out the square metreage of the area and multiply by 125 to give you the kW measurement E.g a 25 Sqm. room x 125 = 3125 = 3.2 kW (rounded up) or use the below as a guide…


Small room – 10 – 20 Sqm – 2 – 4 kW


Medium room – 20 – 40 Sqm. 4 – 6 kW


Large room – 40 – 60 Sqm. – 6 – 9 kW


What does the Energy Efficiency rating mean?


The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of your air conditioning system is important as it determines the amount of power used, which is directly related to the cost of your electricity bill. The star rating label system is a government incentive and comprises 10 stars that are used to help you identify the level of efficiency. Air conditioners account for approximately 40% of Australian home’s energy usage, so whilst a higher energy efficient system may be more of an initial financial outlay, it will certainly save you money in the long run.