How to choose a home security camera system!

Security cameras are an essential aspect of home security in our opinion. But beware, not all security camera systems are made equal. With an increasing number of Australian families choosing to install security cameras, it is important to know what to look for when choosing your camera system.


For most people, the major reasons for installing security cameras is to
(1) deter criminals and
(2) ensure footage is available should an unforeseen event occur.

For these reasons, reliability of the security camera system should be the number one factor in deciding what system to go with.

If budget allows, we would always recommend a wired security camera system over a wireless option. Simply put, wireless systems generally rely on transmission via WIFI and power source via battery. As we are all aware, WIFI connectivity can be inconsistent and non-secure. Battery power requires constant charging (which often can be forgotten!). Be safe and choose hard-wired!

Remote Access

Did you know that remote view capability isn’t just a feature of the wireless cameras? Most of the hard-wired security systems also offer a mobile app so you can check footage on your smartphone! Quick tip –  check the technical specs sheet before you purchase to ensure this is a function of the system!

Option for extra cameras?

We often have clients wanting to install extra cameras to their existing systems. In some cases, there are not enough “channels” available to do facilitate the addition of cameras. Our recommendation is to always buy a system that has extra channels available, so there is still the capability to add extra cameras (without needing to purchase a whole new system!).

If you’d like some recommendations on effective and affordable security options for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call!