The best locations for external security cameras

Have you made the decision to install a security camera system? Great! Now, the most important decision is camera placement.

Did you know that last year almost half of the recorded break-ins in Australia were made through the front door of a property? It is important to understand the most vulnerable positions of your home and ensure you have adequate camera coverage to deter and/or record would-be thieves!

To assist with your decisions on camera placement, we have compiled a list of the most effective locations to position your home security cameras – giving you optimal coverage of vulnerable points of your home!

The Front Door

As already mentioned, most break and enters occur through the front door of a property. With this in mind, camera placement at the front door of your home is absolutely essential!

TIP: Make sure to install this camera at a decent height so potential criminals cannot block or damage the camera.

The Garage

The garage is also a popular point of entry for undesirables. Positioning a camera in view of the garage door with focus toward the street is highly recommended. This way, if a crime does occur, you might also catch a look at the getaway vehicle.

TIP: External garage areas can often be poorly lit – ensure that your camera system includes nightvision or consider installing a sensor light for improved visibility.


Another common point of entry into a home for burglars is through windows, locked or not. First storey windows are generally at higher risk than second storey windows, however none are off limits. If your residence has multiple windows, choose the ones that are in the most discrete area (for example – backyard facing) as these are more likely to be targeted than windows that are facing the street or in clear view of neighbours/the public.


Generally positioned at the back of the home, patio doors offer a discreet, often unlocked entry point for would-be thieves. After the front door, this should be at the top of your list for security camera placement.


Monitoring your backyard is important for multiple reasons as thieves not only use it to gain entry to you home (for example – jumping a fence), but also to steal valuables that are left outside.

Additional Tips:

  • If you don’t have the luxury of multiple cameras – make the front and back point of entry to your home the priority
  • Protective casing on visible cameras can prevent them being broken or disabled

If you’d like some recommendations on effective and affordable security options for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call!