How secure is your home?

Gone are the days where simply leaving the TV on was enough to deter neighbourhood thieves! Last year in Australia there were over 230,000 break ins and on average it took less than 5 minutes for these crooks to enter a property! These scary statistics have inspired us to put together some simple steps to prevent your home from being targeted.

Let there be Light!

Criminals are less likely to target properties where it is thought that residents might be home. In fact, lights being on is one of the top 8 deterrents for break and enters. 

Here are some great ideas to increase lighting around your home and keep your property secure from thieves!

Sensor/motion activated lights along pathways/ gardens: These can be set to a timer or activated by motion. Solar lights are a great option for saving energy as well as preventing any late-night stumbling home on your part after a big night out! 

Lights at front door, balconies and garages: Chances are, if a burglar is casing your home, they are looking for the easiest point of entry. If all of these areas are well-lit, these entry points will present too much of a risk and the thief will be deterred.

Backyard Brightness: Your backyard is definitely not off limits for these crafty crims so make sure this area is equally illuminated. Use your imagination and add your own special touch with LED lights or lanterns.

Sound the Alarm!

Alarm systems no longer cost a fortune and there are options available for every budget and level of protection. Whilst it may seem like a common sense solution, over half of the homes broken into last year did not have a working alarm system installed. Finding the correct system for you can be a little overwhelming so here are some helpful hints:

DIY Systems: If you are handy, then a DIY alarm system is a less expensive option that may work for you. These self-install systems generally include a few window and door sensors and one indoor security camera with no contracts and optional monitoring.

Professional Installation: This is by far an easier option and whilst it does incur more fees, the cost of the equipment is generally less. Professional installation generally includes sensors for each door and window, indoor and outdoor security cameras, full installation and explanation of all systems. You will also be up for monthly monitoring and maintenance costs, so let someone else do the work for you!

Speak with your local police: It may be worth having a chat with your local police or neighbourhood watch to find out peak crime times and to assist you with a home safety evaluation.

Say Cheese!

Fake security cameras are good, real security cameras are much better! If you have working security cameras installed on your premises, not only do they act as an excellent deterrent for burglars, but they can also catch them in the act. You can get security cameras that work as part of a complete home security system or ones that work independently. Here is a breakdown of the features you need to look for when selecting a security camera.

Mobile App: Make sure that whatever device you decide on that it has the ability to connect to your mobile. This way you can easily see footage in real-time and store videos to show law enforcement if need be.

Night Vision: A pretty straightforward one! You can’t detect an intruder if you can’t see them so ensure that the cameras you install have a night vision feature.

Motion Detection: You can receive notification when your security camera picks up any movement on your property so that you can take the appropriate measures.

Anybody Home?

Smart homes are no longer just a futuristic concept, but instead a convenient way to ensure that your home is protected when you aren’t there. Here are a few of the important things to keep in mind when you are selecting software to create the illusion that you’re home even when you’re not:

Scheduled lights and appliances: Having the ability to time your devices turning on and off is a great way to simulate activity in your home when you are away including lights, TV’s and music.

Smart Doorbell & Video Intercom: It may seem like a strange concept to be able to talk to your intruder, but this is one of the most effective tools in warding off intruders. Having a video intercom at your door and being notified the moment someone is on your property are ideal measures to secure your home.

Locks & Safety Devices: Monitoring door locks, cameras and smoke alarms are another benefit to being able to control your home remotely.


If you’d like some recommendations on effective and affordable security options for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call!