We don’t often think about the importance of the switchboard in our home until something goes wrong! This switchboard is the central hub of your home’s electrical system and if problems occur within the switchboard, they can affect the wiring of your home and in turn, your appliances.

Storms and related events such as power outages can uncover problems with your switchboard that can be very dangerous! These problems can include:

  • Power surges leading to appliance failure.
  • Water damage leading to widespread electrical faults and risk of electrocution.
  • Surges leading to critical damage of equipment such as solar inverters.

We rely heavily on electricity in our day-to-day lives, so having a functional and safe switchboard is essential.  Every year Australians are injured or killed in electrical accidents that could have easily been prevented. It is important that you know the state of your switchboard, particularly as storm season approaches.

There are a few specific situations where we would recommend an immediate switchboard inspection – check out our recommendations below:

You have an older switchboard

Older-style switchboards were not designed to accommodate modern electrical demands and use ceramic rewireable fuses that are a potential fire hazard if overloaded.  

You have recently renovated

If you have renovated your kitchen, bathroom or entertainment area, the chances are that you have added new electrical devices that draw more power. Smaller additions including extra power points or lights can also impact your electrical system and may put your switchboard at risk of overloading.

Your switchboard is not fitted with safety switches

As of January 2019, safety switches became mandatory on all circuits in new homes. These are designed to cut off the power to an electrical circuit in the event of an electric shock.

One of the biggest causes of domestic electrical accidents and fatalities are homeowners taking it upon themselves to attempt fixing electrical issues. Carrying out your own electrical work is illegal and dangerous, which is why it is of the upmost importance that you engage a certified electrician to identify and fix any issues with your switchboard. The electrician will look over your switchboard and make sure that…

  • Safety switches are installed
  • Circuit breakers are installed
  • Your switchboard is up to current electrical safety standards
  • You don’t lose power to your entire house when a single circuit trips

Engaging an electrician to ensure that your switchboard is clean, safe and up to standard will decrease the downtime in which your home or business goes without power in the event of an outage. If you are unsure about whether your switchboard is up to code, give us a call!