If you have never done it before, selecting and purchasing a split system air conditioning unit can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. 4.6 Million Australians use at least one air conditioning unit in their home, a number which has doubled since the late 1990’s. We have broken down the things to consider in the decision-making process and provided our product recommendations that will suit a variety of budgets and feature requirements.

Things to consider before purchasing an air conditioning unit

Size & Space

Consider the size of the space that you are looking to heat or cool before purchasing an AC system. Selecting an air conditioning unit that is the wrong capacity (usually measured in kilowatts) can result in poor performance, unnecessary energy usage and reduce the lifespan of the system. A few key things that can also affect this include the natural light, insulation ceiling height and roof of your home. Discussing these elements with your chosen air conditioning installer will assist you in making the correct choice.


As with any product in this day and age, air conditioning units have seen some great advancements in features and capability. Some of the features that you should look to have in your new system include sleep mode, adjustable louvres and the option of WIFI control to be able to turn your air conditioning unit on and set your temperature from wherever you are.

Energy & Efficiency 

Air conditioners in Australia are ranked by an energy star rating; the more energy efficient the unit, the more stars it has. You will save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill in the long run the more efficient your system, although these are often a little more expensive to purchase initially.

Our Product recommendations!

As air conditioning installers we are frequently asked “what is the best air conditioner on the market”. This is not a simple question to answer as it will always depend on the product requirements of the client as well as the budget that is allowed for. Below we have provided our recommendations of what we believe is the best unit on the market for each of the budget categories:

Inexpensive but reliable


Why? No.1 Air conditioner manufacturer in the world, 6 Year Warranty. Overall a sleek and affordable unit.


Why? No.1 Major appliances brand in the world, 5 Year Warranty. Stocked by a number of major whitegoods suppliers (The Good Guys).

Reasonably Priced & Good Quality


Why? Very dependable brand, have been in operation over 80 years. Australian owned and operated. 5 Year Warranty.

 Top of the Range

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Why? Trade favourite. Exceptionally reliable. Great design and operation. Fantastic warranty option. Australian company operating since 1967, 10 Year Warranty.


Why? Known as ‘Australia’s Favourite Air’ – one of the most commonly purchased domestic air conditioning brands. 5 Year Warranty.

As you can see, there are a number of great options on the market to suit every budget. We always recommend our customers conduct their own independent research of air conditioning unit prior to purchase – or have one of our technicians come out to perform an obligation free quote.