Having a qualified, reliable, and prompt electrician that you trust to look after your rental property is essential. Selecting an electrician to undertake maintenance and repairs in a rental property can fall under the obligations of a property manager, however the electrical safety of your investment property is something we encourage owners have personal oversight of!

Whether the tradesperson comes recommended to you by your property manager, or you decide to undertake your own research, we have compiled a list of important questions you should ask before selecting an electrician to look after your rental property.

Is your sparky licensed?

Having the correct electrical license is a legal requirement for any person to undertake electrical work in QLD. Many people are shocked to learn how many sparkys may be carrying out work without a current licence or without the required contractors licence! All licence details including expiry dates can be checked through the Electrical Safety Office website.

Not only is unlicenced work illegal and dangerous, it may void your home and landlords insurance. Its just not worth the risk!

Does your sparky have insurance?

Despite the level of care taken, electrical work can be dangerous, and accidents can still occur. If the electrician is not fully insured, you are taking on a financial, safety and legal risk for yourself, the electrician and your tenants. Electricians must also issue certificates of electrical compliance for the work that they do to confirm that it has been properly tested and approved. A minimum of $5,000,000 public liability insurance, with a $50,000 consumer protection component is required to hold an Electrical Contractors Licence in QLD.

Is your sparky highly recommended?

Do a quick google search of the Company you choose. Lack of recommendations or low ratings should always raise alarm bells!

How does your sparky provide quotes?

Some “real estate property maintenance” companies will often quote to replace rather than repair. Choose a sparky that you know will provide honest advice on the situation and provide quotes to repair as well as replace.

Do you need a quote for your rental property? Contact us today with your Property Manager’s details and we will take care of the quote for you!