Like any mundane task, cleaning your air-conditioner is probably not at the top of your list of fun things to do. It is however an important task not just for maintaining the efficiency of the air conditioning unit, but also for you and your family’s respiratory health.

Whilst we do recommend that a professional clean should be done every 12 months by a licenced contractor, we have put together some simple tips to do a quick air conditioning check and clean yourself.

Why is cleaning your air conditioning unit important?

The first and most important reason for keeping your air conditioner clean is for your own wellness. Air conditioner filters are designed to catch dust, and these can clog up very quickly. Bacteria, mould and pet hair are among the other contaminants that thrive in a dirty air conditioning filter and as a result pollute the air you and your family breathe in.  

In addition to the health risks, a dirty air conditioner also impacts the efficiency and lifecycle of your system. Cleaning your air conditioning unit minimises the need for repairs and may positively impact your electricity bill as the system will not need to work as hard to cool your home.

How to clean your air conditioning unit

The frequency of cleaning will depend on the level of use but as a rough guide, you should clean your system several times a year. If you are replacing the filters, you will need to make sure that you purchase filters that are specifically designed for your correct model of air conditioning unit.

Before commencing any attempt to clean your air conditioning unit, you must make sure that the system is switched off at the wall and in the electricity box. It’s also helpful to have the instruction manual on hand for specific details on how to access and remove parts of your system (most suppliers will have a website where you can download a copy online if you don’t have the physical booklet).

Here are some items to have on hand before commencing the clean.

You will need:

  • A screwdriver
  • A stiff brush or duster
  • A cleaning agent
  • A vacuum
  • Antibacterial solution
  • Wipes

To clean the indoor unit:

  • Remove the plastic cover and filter(s)
  • Take filters outside for a good brush/shake
  • Use your vacuum to suck up any lingering grime or dust
  • If still dirty, soak in warm water with detergent
  • Spray the filters with antibacterial spray before putting back inside the unit
  • Clean the louvres and the outside of the unit with a damp cloth

To clean the outdoor unit:

  • Use a broom to remove any large chunks of dirt, spiderwebs and leaves
  • Clean the fins/metallic blades surrounding the unit using a vacuum cleaner
  • Remove the fan (if safe to do so) and clean the inside of the unit with warm water
  • Clean the outside of the unit with a damp cloth & antibacterial spray
  • As long as safe to do so, turn the power back on.

NOTE: Please note that this is a basic guide only. No attempts at electrical or air conditioning service works should be performed by anyone other than a licenced contractor.

If you would like a quote on air conditioning or servicing please give us a call!