Looking to install air conditioning in your property but not sure where to start? We have created a simple guide to choosing the most appropriate system, so that you can ‘keep your cool’ when making your selection!

Split System

Price range – $800 – $3500

Suitable for – Small to medium residential homes & businesses

A split system air conditioner is comprised of two units; the first that is generally mounted on a wall inside and the second that is usually found outside. The indoor unit contains the fan coil that is responsible for blowing the cool/warm air, whilst the outdoor unit contains the condenser that either releases or collects hot air.  

Split systems are suitable for cooling or heating small to medium size rooms/areas and are most common in residential homes.  They are quiet, energy efficient and affordable, making them the most popular choice for Australian homes. 


Multi-Split System

Price range – $2500 – $5500

Suitable for – Medium to large homes & businesses

As the name suggests, this system involves multiple air-conditioning units inside the home, each connected to one outside compressor. These systems can heat or cool up to ten rooms depending on the model, making them highly cost-effective and suitable for medium to large residential or commercial properties. 



Price range – $7,5000 – Up

Suitable for – Large residential & commercial properties

 This process involves flexible ducting concealed within the ceiling or the floor that distributes air via vents throughout the space. Ducted air conditioning cools/heats your entire property as opposed to just one room, with the ability to set various temperatures in separate rooms, enabled by a sensor on the wall.

With only the air vents visible, ducted air conditioning is the most aesthetically pleasing and quiet option when it comes to cooling your property. Ducted air conditioning is a desirable feature for perspective home buyers, so whilst it does cost more, installing it will add value to your home.

There are other options less expensive options including wall/window units and portable air-conditioners, suitable for smaller spaces, but generally not as effective or energy efficient as a split system. These options may be suitable for temporary use if you are renting, or if a split system isn’t suitable for the type of space.

Whatever your air conditioning choice – make sure you always get a quote from a licensed and experienced air conditioning technician! For your free quote, give us a call today!